High end nano materials for industrial applications
                    Nano-diamond materials bring technological innovation to high-end industrial applications.
                    Diamond, known as the king of gems, has extreme material properties, including hardness and thermal conductivity, with thermal conductivity exceeding 2000W/m.K, and good electrical insulation.

                    Characteristics of nano-diamond materials
                    ?Nano-size (4-6nm), high performance, small amount of addition significantly improves product performance
                    ?High Zeta potential, nano-diamond dispersions remain stable for a long time 
                    ?The high degree of freedom in formulation design and the specific surface functionalization of nano-diamond materials can solve the dispersion problem and adapt to different formulation systems. 
                    ?Ability to provide powders or dispersions (water/organic solvents) according to customer requirements

                    How to choose the right product depends on your application. We always suggest you contact us to discuss your needs

                    ?Thermoplastic plastics with heat conduction — can be used as additives, with alumina, boron nitride, graphite and other thermal conductive fillers, suitable for PP, PE, PA and other thermoplastic heat conductive plastics, the amount of 0.05%-0.1%, the thermal conductivity can be increased by 30%-100%.

                    ?Thermosetting plastics for heat conduction — can be used as additives, with thermal conductive fillers such as alumina, boron nitride, graphite, etc. It is suitable for thermosetting plastics such as epoxy resins, organosilicon resins, etc. The amount of additions is 0.05%-0.1%, and the thermal conductivity can be increased by 30%-100%.

                    ?Enhanced modification of thermoplastics — Nano-diamonds are added to conventional thermoplastics, including PLA, PC, PA, PAI, PEEK, PTFE, to improve performance. Example: Increase strength and toughness, abrasion resistance and heat conductivity without changing conductivity or color.

                    ?Wear-resistant, low-friction coatings — nano-diamond coatings and additives are used globally in solvent or water-based coatings, resins, fluorinated polymers and other professional coatings. It results in up to 300% durability improvement and 66% friction reduction. Both adhesive and abrasive wear have been improved. 

                    ?Metal plating — Diamond significantly improves the durability of a range of metal coatings and reduces surface friction, including environmentally friendly alternatives to hard chrome. Adding nano-diamond increases wear resistance by up to 100% and reduces friction by up to 30%.

                    ?CVD seed — chemical vapor deposition (CVD) seed, is a rapidly growing application of nano-diamonds. Nano-diamond liquid dispersions are coated on a substrate in a thin layer, such as by spinning, and then evaporating water or solvents. The aim is to achieve very fine nano-diamond particle coating on the surface of the matrix, ideally with only one particle at a depth of 4-6nm. These nanodiamonds will promote the growth of film including diamond film. Our materials are significantly superior to other forms of diamond seed materials, including our competitors'powders or dispersions.

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